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Nathan Leith Principal
Nathan Leith
Beth Germaine Deputy Principal
Beth Germaine
Regan Aspden Assistant Principal
Regan Aspden
Candace Allan Assistant Principal
Candace Allan
Anne Grady Curriculum Coach
Anne Grady
Tim Howard Team Leader Te Aroha/Room 7
Tim Howard
Lisa Metcalfe Team Leader Kia Kaha/Room 11
Lisa Metcalfe
Sarah Gardner Maternity Leave
Sarah Gardner
  • Sarah Gardner
  • Maternity Leave
Joey Vainikolo Team Leader Tainui/Room 20
Joey Vainikolo
Annalise Catchpole Team Leader Mahi Tahi/Room 24
Annalise Catchpole
  • Annalise Catchpole
  • Team Leader Mahi Tahi/Room 24
  • Get in Touch
Shannon Buckle Team Leader Rangahau/Room 29
Shannon Buckle
Corey Redwood Team Leader
Corey Redwood
Cherie Grant Room 1
Cherie Grant
Yana Tomich Room 2
Yana Tomich
Jason Hanson Room 8
Jason Hanson
Hayley Newman Room 9
Hayley Newman
Natalie Thompson Room 10
Natalie Thompson
Jeong Hyun Room 12
Jeong Hyun
Bailey Fraser Room 14
Bailey Fraser
Travis Maclennan Drama
Travis Maclennan
Eric Karshagen Room 19
Eric Karshagen
Amber Wind Room 21
Amber Wind
Gillian Dean Room 22
Gillian Dean
Yvette Pohe Room 23
Yvette Pohe
Garry Meiklejohn Room 25
Garry Meiklejohn
Rebecca Lovell Room 27
Rebecca Lovell
Patrick Purcell Room 28
Patrick Purcell
Shane Day PE/Sport
Shane Day
Matt Baker Team Leader Technology/Food Tech Teacher
Matt Baker
  • Matt Baker
  • Team Leader Technology/Food Tech Teacher
  • Get in Touch
Morgan Purcell Maternity :eave
Morgan Purcell
Jared Constable Music Teacher/OOSM
Jared Constable
Dave Simmonds Materials Tech Teacher
Dave Simmonds
Cindy Wihongi On Leave 2021
Cindy Wihongi
  • Cindy Wihongi
  • On Leave 2021
Janine Miller Visual Arts Teacher
Janine Miller
Penni Houghton Teacher Release/Room 11
Penni Houghton
Abbie Hyde Teacher Release
Abbie Hyde
Alison Cronin School Administrator
Alison Cronin
Alli Fairey Executive Officer
Alli Fairey
Penny Irvine Librarian
Penny Irvine
Helen Bogun Resource Assistant
Helen Bogun
Sandra Woods Principal's Secretary
Sandra Woods
Amanda Young Administration Support
Amanda Young
Rebecca Campbell Learning Assistant
Rebecca Campbell
Jo Paki Learning Assistant
Jo Paki
Mary-Anne Potter Learning Assistant
Mary-Anne Potter
Heather Rees Learning Assistant
Heather Rees
Nicola Stark Learning Assistant
Nicola Stark
Coby Miln Learning Assistant
Coby Miln
  • Coby Miln
  • Learning Assistant
Sam Metcalfe Learning Assistant
Sam Metcalfe
  • Sam Metcalfe
  • Learning Assistant
Brian Bowell ICT Support
Brian Bowell
Reese Calden ICT Support
Reese Calden
Tim Boucher Property Manager
Tim Boucher
David Hemming Gardener
David Hemming
  • David Hemming
  • Gardener