Berkley students are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour when travelling to and from school. We expect our students to show courtesy to members of the public at all times. School uniform must be worn correctly and with pride from the time students leave home in the morning until they return home at the end of the day.

Travel by Car

Parents who deliver their child to school by car should use the Mullane Street entrance. We seek your co-operation with this request as the Berkley Avenue entrance (including the bus bay turn-around area and staff car park) must be kept clear at all times.

Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety

Cyclists are expected to know and follow the “Rules of the Road”. Regulation cycle helmets are compulsory and students will not be allowed to bring bicycles to school without one. Cycle stands are available and we recommend the use of locks. Cyclists having to make a right-hand turn to enter and leave the school grounds must dismount and use the pedestrian crossing or underpass to cross the line of traffic. Pedestrians are always expected to use the appropriate pedestrian crossings and underpasses.

The Berkley Bus

In 2001, the Berkley BOT established its own bus service to cater for students living outside the Hillcrest area subject to demand. Berkley has purchased a modern 37-seater bus, distinctively sign-written, and expertly operated by driver John Gemmell. The bus service offers some great advantages to families: Safe and on-time travel to and from school each day. A stress-free service, avoiding the need for caregivers to drive through town at busy times. A friendly and responsible bus driver. Students develop independence and responsibility. New friendships are made. The bus makes scheduled stops through Melville, Glenview, and some rural surrounding areas. Details about bus routes are listed below. The service is subsidised by the school making it a cost effective option for the users.

Morning route:

7.00 Depart Berkley School
7.10 Airport Road/Raynes Road
7.13 52 Raynes Rd
7.15 628 Peacockes Rd
7.20 Intersection Waterford/Fitzroy
 7.23 11 Dixon Rd
7.25 Intersection Splitt Ave/Dixon Rd
7.28 Intersection Ohaupo/Houchens
 7.30 11 Garden Heights Ave
7.32 49 Garden Heights Ave
7.35 Lewis St/Glenview Park
7.37 3 Jeanette St
 7.40 49 Urlich Ave
7.55 Arrive at Berkley
8.00 2nd run – Depart Berkley
8.05 45 Ohaupo Rd (bus stop)
8.09  Urlich  Shops
8.10 H0uchens Road
8.12 Lambert Street – opposite New World
8.13 Macdonald Road
8.30  Arrive at Berkley School

Afternoon route:

3.10 Depart Berkley School
3.18 Lorne St
3.20 45 Ohaupo Rd
3.22 Urlich Ave shops
 3.24 19 Houchens Rd
 3.26 66 Acacia Cres
3.27 12 Acacia Cres
3.30 Lambert Court – opposite New World
3.32 17 MacDonald Rd
3.40 Return to Berkley
3.45 2nd run – Depart Berkley
 3.55 Glenview Tce
3.57 3 Jeanette St
3.58 21 Jeanette St
3.59 58 Lewis St
4.02 40 Garden Heights Ave
4.04 47 Pelorus St
4.06 62 Splitt Ave
4.08 12 Dixon Road
4.14 738 Peacockes Rd
4.17 53 Raynes Rd
4.19 12 Middle Rd
4.22 208 Narrows Rd
4.40 Return to Berkley School


$2.00 per ride, paid to the driver or $20.00 for a 10 ride ticket

*Prices and routes are subject to change

For further information or timetable schedule, please contact the school office on 8566537. 

Ministry of Education Buses

The Ministry of Education provides a free service for students who reside more that 4.9 kms from their nearest school. Our contract provider is Cambridge Travel Lines. For details of times and routes, please contact Cambridge Travel Lines directly on 07 827 7363.