Keeping Our Youngsters Safe Online

Keeping Our Youngsters Safe Online

Berkley has strong protection for our students when they use the Internet. Websites with potentially offensive or unsuitable content are blocked and we can view attempts to view such material.

We are now able to extend this protection to students’ smart phones when they are used in school. In addition we can provide a safe browsing service, managed by families, into your homes. You would have the ability to decide what your children may view and when they can be online. These are challenges that all parents should be concerned about.

We are  trying to gauge interest from the Berkley community in these additions to our safe browsing systems. If there is sufficient interest we will hold a parents’ evening for you to meet our ICT Support staff and a speaker from Linewize/Family Zone, the suppliers.

For further information or to register your interest, contact: Brian Bowell, ICT Manager at Berkley school. Email :

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