Transitional changes for 2020

Transitional changes for 2020
Transitional Changes for 2020.
In previous years we have started the school year with an assembly where students' names are called out and where classes are announced.    This has worked well for Berkley over the years, however based on research from Nathan Wallis, Donna Pendergast and other experts in this field, it is now time to adopt a new approach. We believe that this change will ensure that our students transition in a positive way; lessening feelings of anxiety and improving their capacity to undertake the Berkley learning journey with confidence.
Prior to starting 2020, all students will receive a letter welcoming them to our school, identifying who their teacher is, which room they will be in and which Team they will belong to.   To support this change, we will have an open day before school returns (Friday 31 Jan 2020 from 8am - 12pm) where students can pop in with their families and meet their teacher, see where their class is located, and discuss any important information that is needed to have a successful first day. When the bell goes (8:45am) on 3 February, students will go straight to their classes and prepare for our first whole school assembly which will happen later in the morning.  During that assembly, I will formally welcome our new students and introduce our Berkley Teaching Team. 
Ongoing communication of the transition process will be communicated through our usual forums.
Nathan Leith

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