Waikato Science Fair 2015

Waikato Science Fair 2015
DSC01153                       DSC01260 On Friday, a group of 29 students from across the school delivered science exhibits, photographs and observational drawings to the Waikato Science Fair.
This morning we were given the exciting news that 17 of them are going to be recognised in some way at the Science Fair Prizegiving on Tuesday night.  The list is sent out in no particular order and doesn't indicate whether it is a first, second, third, highly commended or special prize. This number is truly exciting, as we have never been so successful.
The 17 students are:
Jiarn, Evahn, Emily, Natalie, Ethyn, Eddie, Aryan, Danielle, Ellie, Rose, Max, Izzy, Hunter, Aaron, Zach, Alice and Josie. 
We will let you know their results after Tuesday night's prize giving.
Well done to our amazing scientists guided by Mrs Hogg and Ms Williams.
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