What Berkley Offers

We provide a three year programme of education.

  • An extensive range of curriculum experiences, designed to meet the specific needs of the emerging adolescent.
  • We focus on the person and develop programmes around the needs, level of development and potential each individual exhibits.            
  • Our approach is designed to enhance the transition between primary and secondary schooling.
  • In the middle – we make a difference.

The school’s philosophy is centred on encouraging students to use self directed learning and higher order thinking skills.

Berkley offers a strong focus on student learning. Our environment is created in order to meet the unique needs of emerging adolescents. Our middle school programme aims to satisfy the intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of young adolescents. We place high priority on providing a safe, positive learning environment. The 5 C’s – courtesy, cooperation, common sense, caring and consideration, are what we live by.