Enrolment Pack 2021

Enrolment packs are available to parents in July of the year preceding attendance.  A prospectus can be downloaded from our web site as soon as it is available, collected from the office or alternatively we can mail one out to you.  Please email or phone the office if you would like a copy.  The date for our 2022 Information Evening is Wednesday  11  August.

2021 Enrolments

You can download the 2021 enrolment form below.  Both documents must be completed as part of the enrolment applications.

Enrolment Form 2021

E Student Digital Practice and Safety Agreement

If you are applying for an out of zone place at Berkley for 2021, please ensure that you return the enrolment form to the office by Wednesday 26 August 2020. Prospectus and enrolment forms for 2021 are now available. In zone students must supply proof of address.  A telephone or power account is our preferred proof.  We DO NOT accept rates notices.

Should you have any further enquiries please contact the school office on 07 856 6537 or email  office@berkley.school.nz