International Enrolments

Berkley Normal Middle School is a Decile 8 school catering for Yr 7, 8 and 9 students.

Located in Hillcrest, Hamilton, Berkley offers a wonderful education experience to your child.

At Berkley we are proud of the opportunities we provide for our international students.  We welcome the diversity that different cultures bring to our school.  We offer a positive, safe and friendly learning environment.

International students are fully mainstreamed and are encouraged to access all learning activities offered at Berkley Normal Middle School. Our focus is on providing high quality academic learning and achievement. Our curriculum areas are Numeracy (Mathematics), Literacy (Reading, Writing and Speaking). Science and Social Studies. We also provide programmes in Materials Technology, Food Technology, Information Communication Technology, Drama, Dance, Media, Music, Visual Art and Health & Physical Education.  Opportunities to participate in cultural, sport and outdoor activities are a strong part of our ‘Berkley experience’.

All international students have the opportunity to participate in our specialised ELL classes and we have ESOL qualified and experienced teachers.

Berkley Normal Middle School is a signatory to the NZ Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students, as per the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Copies of this code are available from the NZQA website.

Meet and greet meetings for parents/caregivers of international students are held twice yearly and this is a good opportunity to catch up with our staff and other families in our school community.

Appointments with our Principal and International Liaison are welcome at any stage of the school year and can be made by calling Sandra Woods at the school office on 07 8566537 or email

International students are provided with a loan dictionary to use at home to support their respective home learning programmes.

On exit from Berkley Normal Middle School, international students receive a formal report which details:

  • English Language Learning Achievements in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • NZ Curriculum levels
  • Contributions to Berkley Normal Middle School

Enrolment Procedures and Forms

The following documents must be presented to the school office when enrolling:

  • Passport with permit or visitor’s visa
  • Travel and Medical Insurance policy
  • Immunisation records

In addition the following forms must be downloaded, completed and signed by the parent or caregiver:

Tuition Fees  

Please contact the school office for information regarding international fees.

Fees must be paid at the time of enrolment and must be accompanied by the required documentation.

All bank transfer fees for payment of international fees to the school are not covered by Berkley Normal Middle School and are the responsibility of the fee payer.

Stationery costs are included when the full year tuition is paid.

Here at Berkley we highly value the contribution our International Students make to school life.  As a IB school, our philosophy is strongly focused on sharing the planet international mindfulness.









1 x boys shorts/girl skorts – navy drill with Berkley in white print 2 x short sleeved polo shirts – navy and jade with Berkley logo

1 x polar fleece sweatshirt – navy with Berkley logo

PE shirt – navy with Berkley logo

PE shorts – navy with Berkley logo

PE hoodie – navy with Berkley logo

Puffer jackets  – navy with Berkley logo

Cap/Hat – navy with Berkley in white print

Socks – plain navy either ankle or mid-calf length

Beanie – navy with Berkley in white print

Scarf – navy with Berkley in white print

Berkley hats/caps are compulsory for Term 1 and Term 4 in accordance with our sun smart guidelines.

The permitted footwear is plain black roman sandals for boys and girls, or black polishable shoes. (no boots, heels or logos). Pantihose/tights (with feet) flesh coloured, black or navy. Hair accessories – clips, ties, ribbons, headbands to be plain and in school colours (white, black and navy)

Students may wear one set of plain studs in the ears, on wrist watch and one chain or bone carving/pounamu

Dyed hair is not permitted and must be the natural hair colour. Nail polish and make up are not permitted.

Medical and Travel Insurance

International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand.  A copy of this policy is to be presented upon enrolment.

International Education Policy Rationale

In preparation for a global economy and cosmopolitan New Zealand, students learning and developing together provides an appropriate school environment that facilitates a smooth walk into the future.

International Education Goals:

  • To promote an exciting, dynamic teaching and learning environment for all students.                                           
  • To prepare students to take their place in an internationally integrated world.
  • To develop an international education perspective for all stakeholders (students, staff, parents and caregivers and the wider community).
  • To diversify  its sources of income to provide resources and facilities for all students.


  • To promote an exciting and dynamic teaching and learning environment for all students.
  • Provide programmes appropriate to the learning needs, abilities and stages of development of its international students and provide programmes  which develop an understanding of the contribution other cultures have made to our accumulated knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Provide appropriate English for speakers of other languages (ELL) programmes
  • Employ trained, qualified and registered staff, to work on ELL programmes and recruit subject teachers with ELL qualifications and support staff members wishing to gain ELL qualifications
  • Promote language learning throughout the school and provide a balance of Asian, European, Pacific languages
  • Provide appropriate facilities and resources for all staff and students
  • Foster the maintenance of student’s first language/s and culture
  • Provide programmes which foster an understanding of people, their migrations and which explore issues and solutions to issues that may arise out of cultural difference
  • To develop an international education perspective for all stakeholders (students, staff, parents and caregivers and the wider community).

Promote and maintain:

  • Activities designed to recognise and celebrate cultural difference within the school e.g. clubs, concerts, international days
  • To diversify its sources of income to provide resources and facilities for all students
  • Establish effective annual Business and Operating Plans for its international student business
  • Ensure that fee paying students are the primary beneficiaries of the revenue their enrolments generate
  • Apply any surplus from international student fees to improve facilities and resources for all students

International Student Policies

Click here to  download a copy of our