General Information for Parents


Students are not permitted to carry a cellphone during school hours 8.45am – 3.15pm.   Students who require a cellphone for out of school purposes are to hand their phone into their classroom teacher at the beginning of the day.


Payments can be made by internet banking.  Our school account number is 12-3122-0202229-00.  Use your child’s name as a reference and in the particulars, write briefly what the payment is for.  We have EFTPOS facilities at the school office.   Students who are paying by either cash or cheque will need to bring these to the student counter (entrance opposite the covered walkway by the Rec Centre).

Code of Behaviour

Our school community places a high priority on providing a safe, positive learning environment.

It is expected that students are in correct school uniform when they attend school.

Hair colour is to be natural not dyed.

Damage to Equipment and Buildings

Damage caused by non-observance of school rules, carelessness or deliberate vandalism is a serious interference with the rights of others. Repairs to equipment, buildings or grounds must be paid in full by student/s responsible for any damage.  Parents will be notified and an account sent.


This is what we are committed to.  All 10-14 year olds, regardless of what they say to the contrary, are expected to do 20 minutes homework, a minimum of three times per week.  This is not a set amount, but rather in the nature of a challenge “How much can I do?”

Remember that it is an important component of becoming a self directed learner.  We ask parents to be well informed about these challenges and to insist upon learner effort.

Leave Requests

Please apply in writing to the principal either with a letter or you can email our absences link on the website home page with your request.  During the school day no student may leave the school grounds without staff permission.  An explanatory note from parents or caregivers must be presented on each occasion and students must be collected from the office.  It is expected that these occasions will be infrequent

Money and Valuables

Money and valuables requiring safekeeping should be placed in a clearly labelled envelope and handed to the classroom teacher, who will follow our “all care but no responsibility” policy.  No responsibility will be accepted for money or valuables not handed in. All personal items, uniform, books and other equipment must be named. All students must respect the property of others and only use it with the owner’s permission.

 School Hours

Students should be at school by 8.30am. School begins at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm. All students should be off-site by 3.30pm unless participating in an extra-curricular programme. Students arriving late or leaving early must sign in or out of the school office using our tablet. See Mrs Cronin if you need instructions on how to use the sign in/out device.  If you need to collect your child early, they MUST be collected from the school office.

Student Records

Please advise our school office immediately of any changes to student information, such as medical history, change of address, email address or phone number. In case of an emergency it is critical that our information is accurate.

Student Phone 

There is a phone for students to use in cases of an emergency.  Please come to the student counter in the office to access this.