At Berkley we welcome students bringing their own devices to school to use as a tool for learning.  Please read our  Student Digital Practice and Safety Agreement 2021 on the link below to find out what students need to do in order to bring their device to school.

Student Digital Practice and Safety Agreement 2021

BYOD Agreement 2021

Declare it! – Make sure your teacher is aware of the device.  Don’t hide it away

 Sign it! – Understand the basics of Digital Citizenship and sign the mobile device agreement. We will learn about Digital Citizenship throughout the year

 Label it! – Make sure your name and room number are included somewhere on the device 

Prove it! – Take every opportunity to prove this device is a learning tool NOT just for games and personal leisure.

Care for it! – Use a protective case and ensure you lock up the device when not in use










ICT at Berkley:

Our school has a comprehensive computer network.  A well-resourced library of laptop computers gives all learners immediate access to anywhere in the world.  Our learning “backyard” is now global and, with all rooms equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, ICT is used confidently to access and provide information and to communicate with others.  To support the development of our eLearning environment, we employ two specialist technicians.