Year 9


Year 9:

  • Class sizes of no more than 25
  • Leadership experience

Our Year 9 programme offers high academic challenges:

  • We provide a physically and emotionally safe learning environment
  • Social experiences appropriate to this age group
  • We aim to build positive relationships between students and teachers

“A physically and emotionally safe environment for students”  ERO

Our Year 9 programme has the following features:

  • More active and relevant learning opportunities than other types of schools
  • Links between subjects more frequently made
  • Provides more opportunity for student feedback during curriculum planning
  • Extensive range of active learning and teaching strategies
  • Student diversity is considered in selection of learning and teaching strategies
  • Greater range of assessment activities and extent to which self-assessment is practiced
  • Regular and positive communication with families
  • Highly nurturing and positive
  • Commonly held high expectations for every student regardless of academic ability

Our current Year 9 students say:

  • Highly nurturing
  • Positive environment
  • More opportunity
  • Technology Centre
  • Safe learning environment
  • I feel safe at Berkley
  • People accept me for who I am
  • I feel I belong
  • Teachers make learning interesting

Our school values “We Care, We Share, We Dare” –  is the focus of our Year 9 students.