Dillon Wagstaff

Room 17

Email: [email protected]

Kia ora whānau,

Welcome to Room 17 - your classroom for 2023. My Name is Dillon Wagstaff, and I will be the teacher supporting you this year through your Berkley journey.

I currently live in the wonderful city of Hamilton, with my partner and two cats. This year we spent our summer holiday relaxing at the beaches in Ohope, enjoying the fresh rays and accidentally burning my skin to a crisp under the sweltering heat. I am a very outgoing person and like to spend my time outdoors, because of this I am often taking up the challenge by playing recreational sports at the University. I am currently participating in Football, Futsal and Netball in order to keep myself active.

When I am not out and about, most of my time is spent looking after our two precious cats. Myself and my partner currently have two cats, one is a purebred mainecoon and the other is a moggie from the SPCA.

Our mainecoon is 1 year old, and we recently adopted our moggie kitten who is now 11 weeks old. I really enjoy spending time around animals and caring for them, even if they decided to climb up my legs.

My key strength in the classroom is my ability to form positive relationships with my students, and create an environment that is safe and enjoyable for everyone to thrive within. My greatest reward in this profession is being able to support and offer students guidance in following their passion, and to encourage them to embrace new opportunities that come their way. I look forward to the privilege of working with my students this year, helping them to make progress in their learning.

I am always easy to contact and am more than willing to meet with you as the need arises so please ensure you contact me if you wish to discuss anything at any point in time. I look forward to getting to know you and your child as we embark on an exciting year ahead.

Dillon Wagstaff 

Dillon Wagstaff