Sarah Gardner

Room 1

Email: [email protected]

I was born and raised in Hamilton and live here with my husband Nick, son Sebastian and dog Louie.

I studied to become a teacher at Waikato University. I have completed my Honours in Education and I am currently working towards my Masters. After my teacher training, my husband and I moved to Bristol in the UK where we both taught for three years.

This is my seventh year teaching at Berkley Normal Middle School and my second year as a part of Kia Kaha team. In the past, I have been Team Leader of both Mahi Tahi and Tainui teams.

One of my favourite things as a teacher is seeing my students learn new things and get excited about what we are learning. You all have something unique to bring to our classroom and I am excited to see you all grow into amazing young individuals.

I love traveling and have explored many parts of the world. Some of my favourite places are France (because I speak some French), Italy (because of the amazing food), China (because it is so different to New Zealand) and South America (because of the rich culture).

My hobbies include reading, dancing and trips to the beach with my family.

Mrs Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner