About Berkley Normal Middle School

Berkley is a decile 8 state, co-educational composite school which provides learning programmes for students in Years 7 – 9. Approximately 770 students attend our school. There are currently 31 students in each home room.

Each student is carefully placed into one of our 25 homeroom classes. Homeroom teachers are responsible for teaching the core curriculum – with literacy and numeracy as a focus – as well as the delivery of semi-specialised programmes.

In addition, students work with our specialist staff who deliver programmes in: food technology, materials technology, visual art, music, dance, science, drama and physical education.

about berkley

Berkley has a reputation for delivering a strong programme across all curriculum areas; for many years the school has enjoyed a unique reputation in the field of music. High quality literacy programmes are a feature of our school.

The school was opened in February 1971 and is situated in the Hamilton suburb of Hillcrest and is in close proximity to the University of Waikato and Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre. The school acquired composite status and became a Middle school in 1998, providing for learning in Years 7 – 9.

Berkley is a Normal School, and part of its special nature lies in the fact that it works closely with the education programmes of the Waikato University, Faculty of Education. A feature is that Newstead, Tamahere, Hillcrest, Silverdale and Knighton are Normal/Model Schools and they all contribute students to our school. Additional contributing schools are Tauwhare and Matangi. An increasing number of students enrol from the wider Hamilton and surrounding areas under our enrolment scheme should places be available.