International Students

At Berkley we are proud of the opportunities we provide for our international students. We welcome the diversity that different cultures bring to our school. We offer a positive, safe and friendly learning environment.

All international students have access to our specialised ELC. Here we have a peer support and buddy system.

International students are fully mainstreamed and are encouraged to access all learning activities offered at Berkley Normal Middle School. Our focus is on providing high quality academic learning and achievement. Our curriculum areas are Numeracy (Mathematics), Literacy (Reading, Writing and Speaking). Science and Social Studies. We also provide programmes in Materials Technology, Food Technology, Information Communication Technology, Drama, Dance, Media, Music, Visual Art and Health & Physical Education. Opportunities to participate in cultural, sport and outdoor activities are a strong part of our ‘Berkley experience’.

All international students have the opportunity to participate in our specialised ELL classes and we have ESOL qualified and experienced teachers.

International students are provided with a loan dictionary to use at home to support their respective home learning programmes.

On exit from Berkley Normal Middle School, international students receive a formal report which details:

  1. English Language Learning Achievements in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  2. NZ Curriculum levels
  3. Contributions to Berkley Normal Middle School

Enrolment Procedures and Forms

The following documents must be presented to the school office when enrolling:
  1. Passport with permit or visitor’s visa
  2. Travel and Medical Insurance policy
  3. Immunisation records
  4. International Student Enrolment Form 2024. A copy of this is available from the link below:

2024 International Student Enrolment

International Students

International Student Tuition Fees:

Full year Tuition Fee is $14,500.00.
Included in this fee is:

  1. Administration Fee - non refundable ($500.00)
  2. Stationery
  3. Technology fees
  4. Any in-school curricular activities
  5. School camp
  6. New Horizons (up to $150.00)

Fees must be paid at the time of enrolment and must be accompanied by the required documentation.

2025 Full Year Tuition Fees
$15,000.00 + $500.00 Administration Fee = $16,000.00

All bank transfer fees for payment of international fees to the school are not covered by Berkley Normal Middle School and are the responsibility of the fee payer.

Berkley Normal Middle School is a signatory to the NZ Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students, as per the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. A copy can be downloaded from the link below:

Code of Practice

Appointments with our Principal and International Liaison are welcome at any stage of the school year and can be made by calling Sandra Woods at the school office on 07 8566537 or email [email protected]

Here at Berkley we highly value the contribution our International Students make to school life. As a IB school, our philosophy is strongly focused on sharing the planet international mindfulness.

Student Voice –  Anna Wu

Student Voice – Anna Wu

My name is Anna and I am a year 8 student. We are given many opportunities in subjects like art, languages and sport. My favourite sports in PE class are badminton and table tennis. The teachers at Berkley encourage you to ‘take up the challenge’ so I have joined the Berkley inline hockey team. I also play the piano in Big Band and I have signed up for the science fair too.

Students that come from other countries get support in English language. The English teachers give us books for everyday reading. We also get to visit the Kiwi House and go on a farm trip. Every second year the whole school gets to go on a school camp. Camp was a really big challenge for a lot of students.Overall I have really enjoyed my time at Berkley.

来自其他国家或地区的学生会获得英语帮助。老师们给我们提供每天阅读的书籍。我们还可以参观奇异鸟馆(Kiwi House) 并进行农场旅行。整个学校每隔两年都会进行一次露营,露营对很多学生来说是一个很大的挑战。

Student Voice –  Ailyn Choi

Student Voice – Ailyn Choi

Hi I am Ailyn and I am from Korea. Here are some of the things I love about being at Berkley:

  1. The library - It is the biggest library that I know. During our break times I can go to the library and there are a lot of books to choose from. Our school dog ‘Murphy’ is in the library too and I can take him for a walk sometimes.
  2. PE - We play ghost tag, ball tag, tennis, badminton, ping pong - these are my favourite sports.
  3. The ELC room - the English Language teachers help me to learn a lot of vocabulary and understand English grammar.
  4. My teacher - Mrs Catchpole. She helps me a lot in class.
I am glad I chose Berkley as I really like being here.

저는 한국에서 온 에이린이에요.
제가 Berkley를 사랑하는 몇 가지를 말씀드릴께요.

  1. 도서관 - 그것은 제가 아는 가장 큰 도서관이에요. 쉬는시간에 저는 도서관에 갈 수 있고, 거기는 선택할 수 있는 많은 책들이 있어요.
    우리의 학교 강아지 'Murphy' 는 도서관에 있고, 저는 그와 가끔 산책할 수 있어요.

  2. 체육 - 우리는 유령 술래잡기, 볼테그, 테니스, 배드민턴, 탁구를 쳐요. 이것은 제가 가장 좋아하는 운동들이에요.

  3. 영어 센터 - 영어 선생님께서는 제가 많은 어휘를 배우고, 영어문법을 이해할 수 있도록 도와주세요.

  4. 저의 담임선생님 - Catchpole 선생님. 그녀는 수업시간에 저를 많이 도와주세요.

저는 제가 Berkley를 선택하게 기쁘고, 여기에 있는게 정말 좋아요.

Student Voice –  Poon Chongcharoen

Student Voice – Poon Chongcharoen

My name is Poon and I came from Thailand last year. I enjoy Berkley a lot.

Some of the amazing opportunities you can have at Berkley are school camp where you can do the big walk-in, the up and down river challenges and the candle trail. Also New Horizons where I got to go on Seafari up in Northland. I sailed on a tall ship for the first time and we also played laser tag. The experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.

Berkley takes care of International Students by assigning them a homestay if they need one. They always check in with me to see if I am happy. My English has also improved from living with my homestay family and being with my friends.

ปุณ- ปุณณวิช จงเจริญ
ผม “ปุณ” นะครับ มาจากประเทศไทยเมื่อปีที่แล้ว (2020)
ผมชอบโรงเรียน Berkley และสนุกมากครับ

ที่นี่ให้ประสบการณ์ชีวิตที่ผมไม่อาจจะลืมได้หลายอย่าง ที่ประทับใจมากๆคือการได้ไปแคมป์กับทางโรงเรียน ได้เดินทางไกลขึ้นลงเขา เดินในลำธาร หรือแม้แต่เดินป่าในตอนกลางคืนที่ใช้แต่เทียนนำทาง

และโปรแกรม New Horizons ที่ผมได้เลือกไป Seafari ทาง Northland ทำให้ผมได้มีโอกาสลงเรือสำเภาเป็นครั้งแรกในชีวิต และยังได้เล่น laser tag ด้วย ลืมไม่ได้จริงๆ

โรงเรียนได้ดูแลผมในฐานะนักเรียนต่างชาติอย่างดี จัดหาโฮมสเตย์ให้ และคอยเช็คอยู่เสมอว่าผมมีความสุขดีไหม แล้วอีกอย่างคือภาษาอังกฤษของผมดีขึ้นมากๆ จากการที่ได้อยู่กับครอบครัวโฮส ได้เรียนและเล่นกับเพื่อนๆที่นี่ครับ