Starting the Year

The 2024 school year starts on Tuesday 30 January. Beginning a new school can be both scary and exciting. We have listed some things you can do to ease the nerves and help you make the best possible start to the new school year.


The Berkley uniform can only be purchased from our suppliers Direct Group who are located at 6 Latham Court, Hamilton. They will open in early January. Their operating hours are Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm. There is an online ordering service available at Click on the shop online link at the top right hand corner of the home page. Scroll to the Berkley logo and click log in. The user name is Berkley and the password is Uniform. If you have any problems, please contact the office on 856 6537.

Stationery/Technology Contribution/School Contribution/Camp

Berkley issues a standard stationery pack to all students. You will receive this pack on the first day of school. You will need to bring your pencil case filled with the normal things – pens (blue and red), pencil, eraser, ruler, glue stick – as well as some paper. The cost of the stationery pack for 2024 is $36.00 and the technology contribution is $84.00. The contribution to school is $160.00 per year or $40.00 per term. Students will participate in our biennial Camp Aongatete Programme. The cost of this Camp is $200.00.

Plan your route to school

School begins at 8:45 am. Plan a route that will let you arrive between 8.15 am – 8. 30am. Only bus students use the Berkley Ave entrance. There will be a meeting for all bus students in Block 4 held in the Rec. Centre. It is at this meeting where you will be sorted into bus runs and bus lists will be made. It is important that you know the names of the streets or roads around where you live as this will help ensure you are placed on the right bus.


Students are dropped off at the Mullane Street entrance. Please keep the turning bays free.

Walkers and Cyclists

Remember to use the appropriate underpass and pedestrian crossings. Cyclists need to walk their bikes down Mullane Street.

The Night Before

Lay out your uniform

Remember that 750 other students will be wearing the same uniform, so make sure every item of clothing (including footwear) is clearly labelled with your name.

Pack your bag

Make sure you have got everything you need: hat, sunscreen, PE uniform, lunch, pencil case and paper.

Set your alarm

Give yourself enough time to wake up, to go through your morning routine and arrive at school between 8:15 am – 8:30 am. Often it’s hard falling asleep the night before. Give yourself time.

Starting the school year /the first day

Prior to starting 2024, all students will receive a letter welcoming them to our school, identifying who their teacher is, which room they are in and which team they belong to. We will have an open day before school returns (Friday 26 Jan 2024 from 8.00 am – 12.00 pm) where students can come in with their families and meet their teacher, see where their class is located, and discuss any important information that is needed to have a successful first day.

When the bell goes (8.45am) on 31 January, students go straight to their classes.

Worries and Fears

But what if I get lost!

At first Berkley seems like a big school so there will be easy-to-spot duty teachers out and about. Also there are at least 350 other students you can ask for directions. In time you’ll realise it’s easy to navigate your way round.

I’m hungry! When’s break?

This is probably the biggest adjustment you’ll have to make. Good advice is to eat breakfast. You’ll have two 15 minute breaks before lunchtime. The first break is at 10:05am, then another at 11:30am. Sit down lunch is from 1.00pm – 1:10pm, then ‘lunch break’ runs from 1:10 – 1:50pm. School finishes at 3:15pm. Use your breaks wisely. Try to eat and drink something each break. Also visit the restrooms during this time.

But I don’t know anyone!

Starting a new school can be scary and exciting. Try thinking of it as a new adventure. True, you may not know anyone at 8:45am but by 10:05am you will have started to get to know at least one classmate. The next break you will at least know two. Keep building up this number. Remember that friendships take time. Being ‘open and friendly’ helps too.

What can I do at lunch time?

Every lunch time at least two sports or game type activities are offered. We call these ‘promotions’. You need to wear your PE gear to take part, and a hat too, if you choose to be outdoors. Promotions can be a great way to get to know people. We have a very cool adventure playground that you could try out, or you could make your own games up on one of the astro-turfs. Or, if you want, you could simply sit and chat with people under the sun umbrellas in the food court. Don’t worry.