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The Learning Centre

Welcome to the Berkley Learning Centre. We are so much more than just a library. We are the vibrant hub of our school.

Located next to the Foundation tree, we have a fabulous deck to read on during the warmer months, and plenty of cosy spaces to sit and talk to friends, enjoy a book or hang out with our school dog Murphy. The learning centre is a huge space with a reading area, classroom writing and research space and even a theatre room!

Our collection consists of novels organised by genre, graphic novels, non-fiction and research material. We also have a braille section.
You are welcome to come in before school, break 2 and lunchtime every day. A class time is also scheduled.

The learning centre is where you come to purchase any stationery you require. We have everything you could need in our cupboard.

Student Librarians

At the start of each year we ask for students to apply to be either a class or school librarian. Mrs Irvine puts a notice in the daily informer and students complete an application form.
We like to include all those students that apply and the roles are either class librarian or school librarian. This is a responsible role within our school.

If you are a school librarian you will have a duty day. Your role includes issuing and returning books, helping students and shelving to help keep our library tidy and organised.
Being part of our library team is very rewarding.

Murphy (our school dog)

Mr Leith’s dog Murphy hangs out in the library. He is here almost every day. He loves walks, being read to and lots of cuddles and pats.
Murphy is very friendly and has wool not fur, so he doesn’t bother students with allergies.


There is always something happening in the LC. At lunchtimes, we have games like giant chess, connect four and jenga. The students run funny memes in the theatre room which is always good for a laugh. Students bring their own games and cards as well. Mindful colouring in and French knitting has also taken place.

We would love to see you anytime. Come and enjoy our bright and friendly space. You are welcome.

Contact: Feel free to contact Mrs Irvine via her email.

[email protected]

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