AIMS Games

AIMS Games 2024 will be held from Saturday 7 September – Friday 13 September. Information is now available from the AIMS games website. Key dates are listed on the AIMS website and we will remind you of relevant dates as they approach.

These championships are held annually in Tauranga and is a fantastic opportunity for our sporting elite to challenge themselves against over 13000 other students representing nearly 350 schools in 25 sports, both team events and individual sports.

The AIMS Games competition is for Year 7 and 8 students only. In 2024, Berkley will be selecting teams for the following team codes;
Basketball (3x3 and 5 aside)

Students are also able to enter as an individual competitor in individual sports offered by AIMS. Please ensure that when making a decision on entering as an individual, that you check your child meets any eligibility criteria detailed for that sport.

Please also remember this is a national event and individual sports are highly competitive. For our students to have a positive experience we encourage you to enter individual sports that your child has experience in competing in at a high level.

Contact: Tim Howard [email protected] for further information.


Important information to note: Registrations for the AIMS competition close in June and further information will be sent home with your child as time gets closer. All fees must be paid to Berkley and once registrations have closed, there will be no refunds. Fees for individuals are due in June. Parent help with this event is vital. A parent must be responsible for managing teams competing in individual events, and must provide their own transport to and from the event.