Community Update - 13 April 2022

Date: 13 Apr 2022

Kia Ora Berkley Community

Our end of term draws to a close on Thursday 14 April.

School finishes at 12.00 and all students will need to leave or arrange to be collected at this time.

As I reflect on Term 1, 2022 I feel a considerable amount of pride in our students, staff and the wider community. We certainly ‘took up the challenge’ and dealt with the constant demands with positivity, resilience and compassion. I wish to thank the wider community for their support in managing students and their learning from home, and for keeping students home when they were unwell. My compliments to our students who have managed themselves extremely well throughout the term, coping with changes to the timetable and changes of staff. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the Berkley staff who have maintained amazing learning opportunities for our students, undertaken extra camp walkovers and sleepovers, sacrificed family time in order to meet the demands of the term, and allowed us to keep our school open for learning throughout this time. Fantastic effort Team!

Unfortunately circumstances conspired against us in the last week and we have had to postpone our last two camps. We will endeavour to reschedule this outdoor experience for all those students who have missed the Aongatete experience.

I eagerly anticipate Term 2 when we will return to a more ‘normal’ way of Berkley life. Teaming and Team Huis will resume and our ‘Take Up the Challenge’ afternoon will commence. (We will keep you updated about our ability to host assemblies.) We will also resume our Korero newsletter and be making contact with parents in regard to student achievement. When decisions are reached about any changes to the Covid expectations, we will keep you informed of implications for our students.

As Term 1 concludes I would like to farewell: Steph Christian and Amanda Young, wonderful support people in our Office team; Gillian Dean, a fantastic member of our teaching team; and Lisa Metcalfe - a member of our Leadership team and a teacher we all hold in high regard.

We welcome: Glenda Knox (R15), Joan Zhao (Media) and Dillon Wagstaff (R11) to our teaching team, and Kate Waring to our office team.

Whilst our staff will be undertaking professional learning and planning for Term 2 on Thursday afternoon our Board and Leadership team wish them a very relaxing holiday over the break. Students - keep safe and enjoy your holiday time with whanau and friends. To our Berkley community, very best wishes over the next couple of weeks.

We look forward to welcoming students back to school on Monday 2 May.

Nga mihi

Nathan Leith


Out of School Performing Arts

There will be no Out of School Performing Arts (Music & Drama) lessons taking place on Thursday 14 April due to school finishing at 12.00pm

Class Photo Orders

If you haven’t ordered a class photo or portrait photo for your child - there is still time to do this. Orders placed after Thursday 14 April will incur a charge for postage. Class photos are $17.00 each.

To view and order your child’s portrait or class photo please go to:

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  3. The password for your child’s class.

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If you have any problems with your order please contact the Masterpiece Photography office on 07 823 4306 or email - [email protected]

Community Update - 13 April 2022