Barb Shepp

Team Leader - Mahi Tahi 

Room 26

Email: [email protected]

Hi everyone, and a warm welcome to you all for your 2024 year at Berkley. My name is Ms Shepp and I am very excited to be your new classroom teacher for this year. I would also like to welcome you to the Mahi Tahi team. As the new Team Leader, I am looking forward to collaborating with the other Mahi Tahi classes and bonding through some fun events, activities and ‘teaming’ together.

I grew up on a farm in Waitoa and attended Waitoa Primary school and then Te Aroha College. As a little girl, I had always dreamed of being a teacher and studied for my teaching degree at Waikato University. I taught in Hamilton before moving to Australia for 11 years and had 2 children: Anton and Shontelle (Shonny). Anton is currently living in Texas USA on a tennis scholarship and Shonny is attending Waikato University this year studying a Bachelor of Arts. My family also includes a dog called ‘Roxy’ and a cat called ‘Missy’.

As I was growing up, I enjoyed playing sports. I played a variety of sports socially but I became competitive at table tennis. I represented NZ for several years and thoroughly enjoyed the travelling opportunities associated with it. After a long break I decided to start playing again and I am looking forward to some upcoming tournaments and trainings this year too. Travelling for sport has always been a valuable experience for me. I get to see new places, meet new people and play a sport that I love.

In my spare time, I also enjoy catching up with friends and family for coffee, movies and going to restaurants. Oh, and the beach! I love it when summer arrives and I can walk along the hot sandy beach, dipping my toes in the cool, refreshing waves. NZ has stunning beaches and I always feel grateful that we live within an easy drive to a beach nearby. You will often find me in Whangamata in summer with my family, soaking up the sun and appreciating the relaxing Whanga town vibes there.

My philosophy of learning motivates me to be the best teacher that I can for my students, their whanau and the school. It is as follows:

“I believe that every student is unique and has their own gifts and talents to bring to our classroom. I aim to find ways to connect with every student, create a safe environment, offer a positive attitude with a variety of learning experiences and challenge each student to their fullest potential.”

As we move into our school year, I want to express how dedicated I will be to help support you with all aspects of your learning journey. You will be part of the Room 26 family, but we are also part of a team including: Room 25 (Matua Mote), Room 27 (Miss White), Room 28 (Miss Knox) and Room 29 (Mr Hanson). We will have some fun activities and events together to help get to know each other. There are a lot of exciting events happening this year and I am looking forward to sharing these with you and motivating you to ‘take up the challenge’.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any queries.

Barb Shepp

Barb Shepp