Hollie Cooke

Room 14

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Ko Miss Cooke ahau.

To my year 7's - welcome to Berkley.  For you this is going to be a year filled with new experiences, friendships and of course...a lot of learning!  Be brave and 'take up the challenge' right from the start.  Intermediate is a time for growth and trying new things.  I can't wait to see what you accomplish!

To my year 8's - welcome back!  I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of your bright and smiling faces back in class again this year.  I am excited to see how you step up into mentoring and leadership roles, taking on the responsibility of being a year 8 at Berkley.  I know you will do me proud and make our new year 7's feel right at home as quickly as possible.

As well as being a part of Room 14, we are also part of a wider community - our team is called Kia Kaha.  This team is made up our team leader Mr Meiklejohn (Rm 11), Mrs Madhavan (Rm 2), Mr Coombridge (Rm 1), Miss Fritz (Room 12) and myself (Rm 14).

My teaching philosophy is based largely around whanaugatanga, so a goal I have set for myself this year, in my fourth year her at Berkley, is to continue building positive and supportive relationships with students and colleagues alike.  Alongside the year 8's, I aspire to create a classroom culture where everyone feels included, safe and comfortable to grow into the best version of themselves.

Adventure, sports and trying new things excite me, so this year I am most looking forward to Camp Aongatete, AIMS games and co-ordinating Hockey and Lacrosse here at Berkley because they provide me with opportunities to step outside my comfort zone and gain new experience in areas that I am passionate about.

I look forward to spending more time getting to know each and everyone of you this year!

Hollie Cooke

Hollie Cooke