Jared Constable

Music Teacher/OOSPA - Music

Email: [email protected]

Hello, Berkley Community of 2024!

I really hope that you have enjoyed your holidays over the summer. I am really looking forward to getting to know our new students and teachers, as well as reconnecting with current students and staff alike.

I am Mr Constable (or Mr C for short) and I am the music teacher at Berkley Normal Middle School. I have a dog named Benny, who you may get to meet from time to time, and a bright white cat named Blue. I love my animals very much. Gaming is a hobby of mine, and on a rainy day, I enjoy curling up on the couch playing Playstation. Sports are also a hobby of mine. I love to ride mountain bikes with my son, Patrick, when we can and sometimes play other sports with some of the other teachers here at Berkley. Rugby is definitely my favourite though. So, you may see me out on the back field having a good run around at lunchtimes. I also have nearly two year old daughter named Lily who is also loving staying active.

Music is a huge passion of mine and I have been playing and composing music since a very young age. I listen to all types of music because I believe that listening to lots of different types of music keeps me open minded. This is a very important attribute to have as a Berkley teacher and learner. I play drums in a Rock Band and have played instruments in other bands in the past, so I know my way around a few instruments that we have here on offer at Berkley.

If you are a Year 7 then you have some exciting times ahead. There are so many musical opportunities on offer at Berkley. You get to spend time in the music room as a part of your tech/arts programme. There are also extra activities that offer you more chances for in-depth music learning. Our Out of School Music programme allows you to get specialised lessons on the instrument of your choice. There is a huge range of instruments to choose from that you can learn to play.

If you are Year 8 or Year 9 then let the fun continue! I better not say too much more as I may spoil the surprises that are in store!

I can’t wait to meet the Year 7’s and I look forward to having a jam and sharing my knowledge with you all.

See you soon!

Mr C

Jared Constable