Jared Constable

Music Teacher/OOSPA - Music

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Kia ora

I am Mr Constable (or Mr C for short) and I am the music teacher at Berkley Normal Middle School.

Music is a huge passion of mine and I have been playing and composing music since a very young age. I listen to all types of music because I believe that listening to lots of different types of music keeps me open-minded. This is a very important attribute to have as a Berkley teacher and learner. I play drums in a Rock Band and have played instruments in other bands in the past, so I know my way around a few instruments that we have here on offer at Berkley.

Music and the performing arts are very interconnected. Not only do students learn musical skills through acoustic and digital platforms, but they also learn how to communicate and collaborate with other like-minded students from within the performing arts discipline. 

Jared Constable

Music Teacher

Jared Constable