Sengodi Madhavan

Room 2

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Kia ora,

A warm welcome to all our Room 2 students and whānau.  I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday and are supercharged for an adventurous year ahead.

I am Sengodi Madhavan, the teacher in Room 2 within the Kia Kaha team. This is my third year teaching at Berkley and I enjoy teaching at this jura with all my heart.  I originally came from the southern part of India where I completed my Masters degree in Microbiology and then moved to New Zealand with my husband in 2008.  Both my children, Aryan and Saaral were born in the garden city, where I spent most of my time as a research student at Lincoln University, before we made our own little nest in Hamilton.

During my time as a research student at Lincoln I had to do a number of presentations as part of my work.  In one of the challenging competitions, I had to present my research work in three minutes.  I was fairly new to the country back then, so I was nervous about a lot of things, but I was encouraged by my professor to take up the challenge and do my best,  There were two awards - an overall winner and a 'peoples choice' award.  Guess what?!  I ended up winning both awards and represented Lincoln University at the Australasia competition in Perth.  If I can do it, you can do it too!  I am hopeful that you will bring with you a positive attitude to take up the challenges that you come across at Berkley and give them your best shot.

As your Kaiako, I bring with me a combination of living, working and learning experiences from two contrasting world which help me better understand and facilitate learning for young adolescents like you.  I believe in working to the needs of individual students and in making learning an enjoyable experience.  As Timothy Hamilton said "without a solid foundation and relationships built on trust and respect, no quality learning will happen".  I truly enjoy developing positive relationships with all my students and their whānau and I'm looking forward to welcoming you all for an enjoyable year filled with exciting opportunities here at Berkley.

Nga mihi


Sengodi Madhavan