Timote Naulivou

Room 19

Email: [email protected]

Kia ora Room 19 Students and Parents/Caregivers

Welcome to Room 19 and Team Aranui! I am super excited to meet you all and begin our journey as a class.

Since I am new to Berkley, I better introduce myself. I am Matua Timote Naulivou, but I am called Matua Mote in the classroom. An interesting fact about me is that I was a student at Berkley a long time ago. I am of Tongan and Pākehā descent. This summer has been lovely, as I just got married in December last year. My wife is called Shanice and we are massive fans of board games; so much so that our board game cupboard is overflowing!

In education, I am really passionate about our holistic growth and learning. This year at Berkley is packed with a variety of learning experiences that will help us grow our heads, our hands and our hearts. In Term 1, we have both swimming sports (end of Week 2) and New Horizons (near the end of the term), giving us awesome out-of-class learning opportunities. As we enter the year with the "taking up the challenge" mentality, we will get many opportunities to experience new things and grow.

As a class, we are a team. So you can expect to be shown support and care, as you also show support and care to your classmates.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, 

Matua Mote

Timote Naulivou